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Japan-Hotel-Reserve Terms of use

Chapter 1 – General Rules

Article 1 (General Rules)

  1. The present Terms establish handling methods for and items to be observed by users (hereinafter called "Users") in the usage of "Japan-Hotel-Reserve" (hereinafter called "the System"), a multilingual, credit card-based accommodation reservation website operated by CAST,INC (hereinafter called "the Company").
  2. Users of the System shall comply with the present Terms and their subordinate bylaws, rules, and guidelines.
  3. The Company shall consider Users of the System to have agreed to the items specified in the present Terms.

Article 2 (Definitions)

"The System" means the credit card-based accommodation reservation website operated by the Company.

Chapter 2 – System Usage

Article 3 (Usage Methods)

  1. Users shall use the accommodation reservation services and web credit card payment services provided by the System in full understanding of the contents of the present Terms.
  2. When using services provided by accommodations affiliated with the Company (hereinafter called "Affiliates"), Users shall use said services in full understanding of the terms, clauses, guidelines, and rules stipulated by said Affiliates.

Chapter 3 - Credit Card Usage

Article 4 (Payment by Credit Card)

  1. Users may use the separately stipulated credit cards to make payments to Affiliates via the System.
  2. Credit cards that may be used for payments described in the previous Clause shall be limited to those issued in the User's own name (should the User of reservation services differ from the person for whom said reservation is intended [subscriber], the present Clause and Clauses of the present Chapter apply to said subscriber).
  3. Users may not use credit cards owned by other individuals, enter false credit card information, or perform actions deemed otherwise inappropriate by the Company. The Company may demand compensation for any damages incurred due to such User actions.
  4. Should the credit card used by the User be denied for any reason, the Company may take measures to cancel corresponding reservations and shall not assume responsibility for any damages incurred by said User.

Chapter 4 – Reservation Application

Article 5 (Reservation Application Completion Timing)

Reservation application shall be considered complete when a User applies for a reservation at an Affiliate accommodation and the System successfully receives said application.

Article 6 (Results of Reservation Applications – Guarantee Reservation)

  1. As the effect of reservation application completion, Users shall acquire accommodation goods (accommodation) from the corresponding Affiliate.
  2. From the point at which reservation application is complete and until payment is settled, the System shall retain the amount equivalent to the reservation application fee (guarantee reservation effect) from the usable amount (credit limit) of the credit card used in the application process.
  3. When a User makes changes to reservations and said changes are accepted by the corresponding Affiliate, the previous Clause shall apply to the modified reservation information.

Chapter 5 - Settlement

Article 7 (Settlement Timing)

  1. System-based settlement is deemed complete at the following times.
    1. A User uses the services provided by an Affiliate
    2. A User completes necessary cancellation procedures with an Affiliate and a cancellation fee is incurred.
    3. A user fails to use the services provided by an Affiliate without consent and without completing cancellation procedures prior to the reserved date (No-show)
  2. The guarantee reservation effect disappears upon the completion of settlement.

Article 8 (Settlement of Cancellation Fees, etc.)

  1. When cancellation fees are incurred due to User cancellation, the System shall settle said cancellation fee via the credit card used in the application process.
  2. Cancellation fees shall be settled in accordance with the rates stipulated by the corresponding Affiliate or the amount determined by the User and said Affiliate via normal cancellation procedures.
  3. No-show cancellations shall be settled with unilateral notice and without the User's consent.

Chapter 6 – Special Notes for Service Usage

Article 9 (Contacting Users)

If necessary, the Company and Affiliates may contact Users at the e-mail address(es), residential address, and/or telephone number(s) provided at reservation or registration. The Company and/or corresponding Affiliate shall determine the method of contact.

Article 10 (Personal Information)

The Company shall handle User personal information in accordance with the separately stipulated "Privacy Policy." Users shall also agree with the terms of said document.

Article 11 (Prohibited Matters)

  1. Users may not perform any of the following actions in using the System.
    1. Actions that violate the present Terms.
    2. Actions that disadvantage, bring discomfort to, or violate the rights of Affiliates, other Users, or any other third party.
    3. Usage of the System in ways not approved by the Company.
    4. Transmission or insertion of harmful computer programs/files/viruses.
    5. Transmission of spam e-mail, chain letters, or junk mail.
    6. Actions that violate law and/or public order and morality.
    7. Actions otherwise prohibited by the Company.
  2. Should a User fall subject to any of the Items listed in the previous Clause, the Company may ban the corresponding User from the System without any advance notice. The Company shall assume no responsibility for any resulting damages incurred by the User.

Article 12 (Disclaimers)

  1. The Company shall assume no responsibility for damages or disadvantages caused by the failure of a User to settle payments prior to the appropriate deadline.
  2. Disagreements and conflicts between Users and Affiliates shall be resolved directly between the parties concerned. The Company shall assume no responsibility.
  3. The Company shall assume no responsibility for damages caused by System interruptions, delays, stoppages, data loss, or improper access to data due to communication line/computer malfunctions prior to the completion of reservation application.
  4. The Company shall assume no responsibility for damages incurred when problems with a User's e-mail environment or communication channels prevent Company e-mail(s) from reaching said User.
  5. In using the System, Users shall assume responsibility for their own actions and shall resolve any conflicts with third parties at their own expense.
  6. The Company may provide appropriate information and/or advice to Users, but shall assume no consequent responsibility.
  7. The Company shall assume no responsibility for damages caused by a User's violation of the present Terms or other related agreements.
  8. The Company does not guarantee that e-mail and service contents sent from System web pages, servers, and domains are free of computer viruses or other harmful data.
  9. In cases in which periodic or emergency System maintenance is being performed, the System is overloaded, there is a need to secure User security, or in cases deemed otherwise necessary, the Company may suspend or stop some or all System services. The Company shall assume no responsibility for damages incurred by Users in such cases.
  10. The Company does not guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, or reliability of tourism-related information provided by the Company or Affiliates to Users via the System, and shall assume no responsibility for any damages caused by said information.

Chapter 7 - Others

Article 13 (Modifications to the Present Contract)

  1. The Company may revise the present contract without notifying Users in advance. After revision, the modified contract shall be applied. When Users use the System, those Users shall have agreed to the revised Terms.
  2. The Company may change or discontinue some or all System services without notifying Users in advance.

Article 14 (Governing Laws, Agreement Jurisdiction)

The present Terms shall be governed and construed by the laws of Japan, and the Tokyo District Count shall be the original agreement jurisdictional court for any dispute or claim that should arise.
Established: October 1, 2009