You can reserve a Japanese Hotel.
We are introduced about Japan accommodations

Welcome to the JHR!
You can be reserved Japanese accommodations.

We are introduced about Japan accommodations

The hotel reservation site which can be reserved in English,Chinese and Korean.

How to use

Search from staying date

When a specified date input and search, the facilities where reservation is possible will be displayed.

After confirming the information and map, when you pressed the reservation button, you advance on the reservation section input screen.

Please fill your information and follow the displayed instructions.

Search the area and facilities

From the separated four images that are arranged in the upper part of the screen, you can see each area facilities, Hokkaido, East-Japan, West-Japan, Shikoku and Kyushu.

After the search, booking possible facilities in the area of hope by narrowing down the date will be displayed.

After pressing the Advanced Search button if the desired facilities and address is in the clear, you can search by entering an address or facility name in the column of the destination.

Search from the tag

Facilities appropriate to the tag that appears in the bottom right of the screen will be displayed.

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